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Silgan Closures

Dairy closures become lighter

Portola Packaging have done it again. The Easygrip Lightweight was launched at Drinktec 2013, taken from the  orginal 3.2 Gram closure used in 1990's,Portola have driven the weight of this product down to less than 1.3 Gram, all of this within the conventional height and diameter of a 38mm foil lined closure .

The closure has been developed to accomodate the latest lighweight dairy containers whilst avoiding low slip torque and product ovality, which one would expect from such a light assembly.

Coupled with their latest proprietery range of induction foil seals, the closure is not only less impact on the enviroment but also enhances the consumer experience.

This PLUG and Play solution requires no line adjustments from the current system making transtion simple and fast. Same grip, Same outer dimension, but less weight.

The next development is already underway !

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