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Silgan Closures

Dont loose your Grip

As part of their Eco development program Portola packaging have added a new induction foil laminate development to their proven Easy-grip dairy cap product.

This development is a key ingredient to the introduction of lighter closures planned by Portola for later this year the development is aimed at challenging the continued market moves to lower cost solutions, these which Portola felt are now impacting the function of this type of product to a point of unacceptability.

The new laminate has undergone significant development and testing with key independent dairies in the UK and proven to provide far greater satisfaction in respect of seal and ease of opening subsequently it is reported there are notable reductions in complaints associated with seal and opening.

One of the key changes was to reverse the trend by correcting key structural components and ensuring the introduction of state of the art manufacturing equipment the laminate maintains the economic ingredients though provides a far enhanced structure.

Within this development Portola have further increased the base connection of their “Supertab” so reducing the frequency of tab failure during opening.

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